Community Health & Safety

Community health and safety is an important focus of the Grasse River remediation project. Arconic has developed Community Health and Safety Plans with EPA and NYSDEC that describe the measures implemented to protect the surrounding community during expansion of the Secure Landfill on the Arconic Massena West property and construction of a staging area near the Route 131 bridge. You can view the Community Health and Safety Plans at the following links: staging area and secure landfill. The Community Health and Safety Plans are specific to construction activities that may impact the community through 2018 and include a traffic plan and an environmental monitoring plan.

Traffic Plan

The staging area work will result in an increased level of truck traffic at and near the staging area, and everyone should exercise caution when driving near the Route 131 and County Route 42 area - see the map below. Arconic is working with the contractor and local authorities to limit the impact of construction on residents. All work, except for environmental monitoring activities, will be done from the land. It is not expected that this work will impact recreational boating.

Truck Traffic Routes

Site Map

Environmental Monitoring Plan

Environmental monitoring includes water and air monitoring during construction. Water monitoring is performed during in-river work being completed along the shoreline as part of the staging area construction activities. Air monitoring is performed during handling of PCB-containing materials at the secure landfill and during in-river work along the shoreline as part of the staging area construction activities. Click here to see the results from the environmental monitoring efforts.