Arconic (formerly Alcoa) periodically hosts public meetings to present information regarding the status of the Grasse River project and upcoming/ongoing project activities. These presentations are included in the links below, and have been grouped based on topical area.

Grasse River Remediation and Construction Activities

Preview to Activities - Grasse River Remediation Project (January 2019)

History and Superfund Process

EPA Update on Grasse River Project (June 24, 2003 CAP Meeting)
EPA’s Proposed Path Forward for the Lower Grasse River (May 12, 2004 CAP Meeting)
Grasse River Update Meeting (March 29, 2006)
General Project Update (April 23, 2008 CAP Meeting)

The Grasse River Story

Grasse River History Module
The Grasse River Today and Tomorrow – River Module
EPA’s Superfund Program and the Grasse River – Superfund Module
Grasse River Studies – River Studies Module
Finding a Solution for the Grasse River – Remedial Options Module

2006 Activated Carbon Pilot Study

Activated Carbon Pilot Study – Rationale and Components (September 27, 2006 CAP Meeting)
Activated Carbon Pilot Study – Post-Implementation Summary (April 19, 2007 CAP Meeting)
Grasse River Activated Carbon Pilot Study Update (April 23, 2008 CAP Meeting)

2005 Remedial Options Pilot Study

Remedial Options Pilot Study – Pre-Implementation Project Overview (April 2005)
Remedial Options Pilot Study – Post-Implementation Summary (March 29, 2006)

2001 Capping Pilot Study

Grasse River 2001 Capping Pilot Study Data Summary (December 6, 2001 CAP Meeting)
2002 Post-Capping Pilot Study Monitoring – Sediment Core Collection (November 20, 2002 CAP Meeting)
2003 Post-Capping Pilot Study Monitoring Update (June 24, 2003 CAP Meeting)

1995 Non-Time-Critical Removal Action

1995 Non-Time-Critical Removal Action Summary (November 20, 2002 CAP Meeting)

Ice Management Evaluation

Ice Management Update – Status of Ice Control Structure and Ice Breaking Evaluations (September 27, 2006 CAP Meeting)
Grasse River Project Overview and Summary of Ice Breaking Demonstration Project (January 30, 2007)
Lower Grasse River Ice Breaking Demonstration Project Review (April 19, 2007 CAP Meeting)
Ice Control Structure Physical River Modeling Update (April 19, 2007 CAP Meeting)
Lower Grasse River 2007 Ice Breaking Demonstration Project – Results and Conclusions (April 23, 2008 CAP Meeting)
Review of Ice Management Efforts (April 23, 2008 CAP Meeting)
2007-2008 Grasse River Ice Monitoring Program (April 23, 2008 CAP Meeting)

River-Wide Monitoring

Fish Trend Monitoring Update (April 23, 2008 CAP Meeting)
2010 Near Shore Sampling Program (August 4, 2011 CAP Meeting)
Grasse River Annual Monitoring Update (August 4, 2011 CAP Meeting)