Community Involvement

Arconic is committed to keeping the community informed, providing opportunities for input and answering questions about the Grasse River project. The latest information about upcoming projects and how to be involved will be provided on this website. For additional information or questions, click here.

Open House Informational Sessions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency held Open-House Information Sessions the second Wednesday of the month through September 2019 at the Hawkins Point Visitors Center to discuss 2019 work activities associated with the Grasse River Superfund Site. Dredging to address PCB-contaminated sediment in a 7.2 mile stretch of the Grasse River began in spring 2019.

Information Sessions are now complete for 2019, and the schedule for future sessions in 2020 will be posted here once determined.

For more information on these sessions, please contact Larisa Romanowski, EPA Community Involvement Coordinator at (518) 407-0400 or via email at

Click to view the March 2019 mailer handout developed to summarize the anticipated activities for 2019, and well as describe the planning activities completed in 2017 and 2018.