Alcoa Massena Community Advisory Panel

The Panel was formed in 2001 specifically to support the Grasse River Remediation Project as it moved through the investigative phase and was an advisory group, not a decision making group. Panel meetings were conducted by a facilitator and members of Arconic's (formerly Alcoa's) and EPA's project management teams attended the Panel meetings.

The Community Advisory Panel:

  • Provided insights to the company on community attitudes and potential concerns regarding the remediation planning and operations for the lower Grasse River
  • Identified information gaps and areas where there was not a good understanding in the community about the remediation project and activities
  • Reviewed information about the project and its progress in order to help design effective communications with the community and promote good understanding
  • Offered advice to the remediation project as to how information might be presented to the community in the most effective way to promote understanding

Panel Membership

The panel consisted of 20 members who are involved in the communities of Massena, Louisville and Hogansburg and represent constituencies including but not limited to, elected officials, health care, the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, community residents, Grasse River property owners, organized labor and environmentalists. Panel members spoke for themselves as individuals, guided by their involvement and experience in community affairs.

Members were not compensated for their participation on the Panel.

The Community Advisory Panel had no formal association with the Arconic (formerly Alcoa) facilities in Massena and acted as an advisory panel to share community perspectives and input. Members were selected as a result of representing important community interests and were asked to remain with the group until the recommendations for the remediation project were filed with the EPA and EPA selected a remedial plan.